Dreams and Adventures (Disc 1)

by Scott Gillham

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Written, performed and produced by Scott Gillham, except where noted.


released July 21, 2013

Scott Gillham - Electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, bass, drums, vocals, etc.
with special guest:
Bill Gillham - 12-string guitar on Lochlairn (courtesy of Cirrus Bay)



all rights reserved


Scott Gillham Arlington, Texas

Musical adventurer

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Track Name: Sides
We live in a land caught up in red and blue
Each side claims to know what's best for me and you
Each side claims to be more moral, true and just
Neither being the one that we can truly trust.

Claims are made that seem to justify the cause
Listen closely and you'll hear the blah-blah-blahs
Words are chosen discreetly, hiding all the lies
We'll be better off when this we realize.

Left and right, a constant fight, with people choosing sides
Fooled and then, again and again, we're taken for a ride
Do you side with either side, thinking it's the way?
Both are wrong, they're both as strong as iron that is mixed with clay.

It is dangerous to be snared by left or right
Even middle ground's as bad as either side
Some may seem sincere, they want to do what is right
Even if that's true, they're still part of the night.

Have you seen a man who's clean? There are none to be found
The people cry, his mouth it lies, when he utters a sound
If you're sure that he is pure, then you too have been misled
All the spin is seen within the propaganda that we've been fed.


Many aren't aware it truly is a game
Though they may seem different, they're really just the same
Each side pointing the finger, blaming for the mess
Hypocritical shouting will not bring happiness.

Politics, like "pick up sticks", is just a house of cards
The systems heart will fall apart, breaking into shards
So don't get caught, it's wisdom not, to side with either side
I don't care what hat they wear, from destruction they cannot hide.
Track Name: Summer's Kiss
Track Name: Out of the Blues...
Track Name: What Color is Your Home?
What color is your home?
I don't mean what color is your house painted
What color is your home?
What do people see when they come in.

What do they feel? Would they sit down for a meal?
Or just stay there until they could conveniently leave?
What color is your home?

How big is your door?
Is it locked with the key thrown away?
How big is your door?
Will you open it up to those knocking?

Where is it at? Is it so hidden that
None see the welcome mat? Or is there even one out there?
How big is your door?

How large is your front room?
Is it warm with the fireplace burning?
How large is your front room?
Can all of your guests be seated?

Do they come in, and ask you "how have you been?"
With a big hug and a grin, and want to spend time with you?
Or does your room have all the warmth of a tomb?
They want to pick up a broom to sweep up the cobwebs...
How large is your front room.

How deep is your heart?
Oh, how much love will it hold?
How deep is your heart?
Is it warm as the sun, or just stone cold?
Track Name: The Plan
He has a plan, To be happy any way he can
More money is the key, he thinks

So, he pursues, to try to buy a way out of his blues
And more is the key, says he

So he presses on in his quest, to get a lot of only the best
But his blues remain, it seems
So he gets more and more, thinking he'll have happiness in store
But stress is the prize he finds

When he was younger, he had dreams
Hopes, wishes, fantasies of where he'd be
So much he longed for, thought he'd do
But life squeezed it out of him, nothing new
What could he do

But have a plan to be happy any way he can?
More money being the means, it seems

If you choose money as a way out of your blues
You'll lose in the end, my friend

Happiness is not what you'll find, only an emptiness inside
And an aching for more and more
What have we learned from this tale?
Happiness and joy are not for sale
Money pales when compared with love.
Track Name: Unbounded
Track Name: Lochlairn
Drifting clouds float on by
Sunsets end the day with a sigh
Sleepers peacefully lie

And each morning slides right into place
Just like a warm embrace
And joy shines on every face

Mountains cresting, valleys surround, waters abound
Grasses are dancing in the breeze, all designed to please

I'm longing for us to be there
The love in which to share

Beauty fills everything, the people, the birds that sing
And all we owe to the king

Can you leave all behind, exchanging things for peace of mind?
Relive your youth, who know what you'll find?

It's not just imagination
It's not just the sun

Music calling you deep, whether awake or asleep
With love to sow, and joy to reap

Lochlairn, more than just a place
It is the earth's embrace
Oh lochlairn
It's the blue, it is the dew, it is the view
It's true, oh it is you
Track Name: Blues in Dm
Track Name: At Peace
Track Name: MTY50-A
Track Name: MTY50-B
Track Name: MTY50-C