Dreams and Adventures (Disc 2)

by Scott Gillham

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Written, performed and produced by Scott Gillham


released July 21, 2013

Scott Gillham - Guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals



all rights reserved


Scott Gillham Arlington, Texas

Musical adventurer

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Track Name: Adventures of a Separate Self
I was having an adventure and you were there
A sense of hope and laughter was in the air
Three beams of radiant light gleamed in front of me
Quite a moving sight for a transferee

Beckoning me on to look around
This world so full of sights, so full of sounds
As I look I see and feel a rush of blue
Can't deny the wonders of the view

Dogs and kangaroos play to the left of me
To the right there's beaches and the sea
Crabs and dolphins frolic in the tide
Who could have known how deep this would reach inside?

As I look I see a figure there
I realize it's me, I begin to stare
I see me bathing in these rays of light
Even mighty glaciers melt at the sight

How did I come to be in this wonderland?
Why's there another me running in the sand?
Why is there a girl selling coconuts
Wandering in and out the surrounding huts?

Little did I know what these beams would do
Shine there way inside, sparking things anew
Brightening the way through adventureland
Bringing renewed life to this world of sand

There's a pinnacle of light
That's forever burning bright
And the beams extend from there
Causing a stillness to the air
And the visuals appeal
So majestic, so surreal
But soon will I have to go?
Oh, say it isn't so...

Seems I must depart, how I'm glad I came
(And I never will forget)
Affected is my heart, I won't be the same
(Nor will I ever regret)
The rays which made this whole trip possible
(Shining bright as the sun)
Will never know how much they're irreplaceable
(Not to be outdone)

Reminders of this world are in everything
(All and everything around)
The mountains and the sea, strumming heartstrings
(Every sight and every sound)
I'd love to return to this wondrous place
(Each and every single day)
But I know I must remain in this other space
(Kept within this world of clay)
Track Name: ...Comes Hope
Track Name: Dance of the Mechanical Toys
Track Name: Leakin' Heart
When you walked in, my heart it sprung a leak
And I've been stuck tryin' to clean it up all week
Can't find a gasket at the hardware store
I guess I'll have to find you so I can leak some more.

The second time you had the same effect
Tried to drive it off, my car I wrecked
Tried to tell the officer but he did not believe
Wrote me a ticket saying what a tale I weave.

Went before the judge and tried to plead my case
He did not believe me and laughed right in my face.

So we set off to find you so they'd see
That the cause of my accident was you, it wasn't just me
When they saw you they tore my ticket in two
They understood, nodding their heads, when they saw you.
Track Name: Dreams (part 1)
When we're young, we dream when we grow up
We'll be a princess or a king
We dream anything - to act, to fly, to play, to sing
As we grow, our dreams ebb and flow
And life puts on us the squeeze
And no one hears our pleas - except the sky, the earth, the breeze...


And so we go from day to day, just waiting for
Something to come, take us away to somewhere
A place away from things we don't understand
Where no dark cloud looms, replaced by peaceful blooms
Blue sky overhead
No more missiles, thorns or thistles covered in red
Pleading with the wind to take us away
Yet it just blows by and leaves us waiting for something here
Feeling that there's something so near, but is it hope or fear
That shades our feelings, that drives us onward, being alive?
See, with light the horizon glows, the rooster crows,
And darkness goes.
Track Name: Dreams (part 2)
Walking down the street of dreams, we try
All the things we meant to do, we cry
Yet sometimes we do succeed, we fly
The cloud goes by, we're flying.

Dreams keep everything aloft, in tune
Even when we're reaching for the moon
If we know just what to trim, to prune
The dream comes soon, we're running, flying high.
So, we need to carry on, we too
There's so many things we need to do
Yet sometimes we get bogged down, it's true
Then something new, rises, takes us high.
Track Name: Dreams (part 3)
Once he had a goal to get out of his hole
He tried so hard, he tried to reach, but he could not find a pole
So he learned to fly, to soar into the sky
But he flew so fast, he flew right past his dream, left it behind.

Sometimes profound, sometimes absurd, these dreams we have
Whether asleep or we're awake, imagining
Dreams are something we all need, to carry on
Does the man make up the dreams, or do dreams make up the man?

As children we see things in Crayola hues
Yellows, purples, reds, and vivid greens and blues
Even shades that don't exist.

Adults will see the world in stark black and white
Their dreams they've left behind, they've given up the fight
The longing deep within persists.

This world is what it is, no more nor less it seems
Dreaming won't change a thing, not even Crayola dreams
If we forget our dreams our colors will fade away
We'll be left with just 64 shades of gray.

Some look at this world with head deep in the sand
Choosing not to see the hardship all around
A dream their life's become.

Others see this world with their head in their hands
Choosing not to see the blessings all around
A nightmare is all they know.

This world is what it is, sorrow and joy persist
Dreaming won't change a thing, no matter how loud you sing
It'll take a change of hearts with everyone playing their part
All are involved you see, including you and me.
Track Name: Dreams (part 4)
Dreams sometimes help us carry on
But really dreams are the best when they are gone

And so we'll go from day to day, not waiting, for
We will be there in this new place, this somewhere
A place where so many things we will understand
Where no dark cloud looms, replaced by peaceful blooms
Blue sky overhead
No more missiles, thorns, or thistles covered in read
No more need to dream to take us away
All our dreams will be fulfilled, while only good dreams remain
Contented sleep and aspirations, filled with hope, no fear
With only good to strive for, while truly alive
Even now the horizon glows, the rooster crows
And darkness goes.
Track Name: Dreams (part 5)